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Covid-19 antibody test for healthier decisions. 

Labs4you offers people in Switzerland access to Covid-19 antibody lab tests, from the safety of their homes, via easy to use finger-prick blood collection. 

Identify if you have been

infected by the Corona virus

Find out if you have developed an immune response ie. antibodies

Incredible companies are working with us

A health service your customers will love

Expand your offering

Offer a great customer experience

Work with the latest technology

Generate new revenue streams

Get happy customers

Labs4you health service available 24/7

Labs4you enables healthier decisions based on insights gained from the blood. Our health platform is available for our partners as-a-service, as an integrated offer in any e-shop or physical store or for referrals. 

By offering Labs4you to your customers they get access to a modern health service without long waiting lines and unnecessary bureaucracy. The source of knowledge lies within the body.

24/7 online

order system

Accredited laboratory analysis

Modern health


Supervised by FAMH/FMH Doctors

Blood sampling at home or by a health care professional

Fast, reliable &

secure results

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Why partner with Labs4you?

Easy to get started

No upfront investment

Online and scalable 

Modern health service

New revenue stream


Partners across a variety industries

Labs4you enables healthier decisions based on insights gained from the blood. Our health platform is available 24/7 for our partners. We operate across industries providing a cutting-edge health platform that enables our partners to expand their service offering, generate new revenue streams and provide great service to their customers. 

Health care

Want to offer a cutting-edge health service to your customers?

How does a Covid-19 antibody test work?

Labs4you uses a Swiss innovative and cutting-edge micro blood sampling device called HemaXis DB10™. It has been designed to collect a tiny drop of blood from the fingertip. It is needle free and non-invasive allowing for a fast and seamless procedure. Blood samples are being analysed by Swiss accredited laboratories for reliable results. 

Prick your finger

Fill channel completely

Close & transfer blood to the filter card

Check that you have minimum 2 blood spots on the filter card

Close the device and send it back to us

Get reliable results by Swiss laboratories


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