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Healthier decisions. 

Anywhere, anytime.

Labs4you was founded with a mission to democratize access to health data as an integral part of everyday life. We enable people to make healthier decisions. Anywhere, anytime. 

Understand your health

Easy to use wherever you are

In partnership with Swiss laboratories

Fast and reliable results

Incredible companies are working with us

A health service your customers will love

Expand your offering

Offer a great customer experience

Work with the latest technology

Generate new revenue streams

Get happy customers

Labs4you health service available 24/7

Labs4you enables healthier decisions based on insights gained from the blood. Our health platform is available for our partners as-a-service, as an integrated offer in any e-shop or physical store or for referrals. 

By offering Labs4you to your customers they get access to a modern health service without long waiting lines and unnecessary bureaucracy. The source of knowledge lies within the body.

24/7 online

order system

Accredited laboratory analysis

Modern health


Supervised by FAMH/FMH Doctors

fingerprick blood test.png

Blood sampling at home or by a health care professional

Fast, reliable &

secure results

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Why partner with Labs4you?

Easy to get started

No upfront investment

Online and scalable 

Modern health service

New revenue stream

Thanks for contacting us. We will revert to you shortly. Best Regards / The Labs4you team

Partner with us

Partners across a variety industries

Labs4you enables healthier decisions based on insights gained from the blood. Our health platform is available 24/7 for our partners. We operate across industries providing a cutting-edge health platform that enables our partners to expand their service offering, generate new revenue streams and provide great service to their customers. 

Health care

Want to offer a cutting-edge health service to your customers?

How does a Covid-19 antibody test work?

Labs4you uses a Swiss innovative and cutting-edge micro blood sampling device called HemaXis DB10™. It has been designed to collect a tiny drop of blood from the fingertip. It is needle free and non-invasive allowing for a fast and seamless procedure. Blood samples are being analysed by Swiss accredited laboratories for reliable results. 

step 1 - fingerprick.png

Prick your finger

step 2 - blood sample.png

Fill channel completely

step 3 - transfer blood to card.png

Close & transfer blood to the filter card

HemaXis DB10 used détouré

Check that you have minimum 2 blood spots on the filter card

step 4 - seal & ship.png

Close the device and send it back to us

step 5 - analysis & results.png

Get reliable results by Swiss laboratories

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